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Sale 钩织玩偶课程(第二级)/ Hand Knit Class For Second Level RM450.00 RM185.00
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钩织玩偶课程(第二级)/ Hand Knit Class For Second Level

April 30, 2019 / 1 Comment

第二级的钩针玩偶Tsum Tsum 推出啦, 这个课程建议需要完成初级班钩针课程哦 (点击我观看初级课程)! Queenie是一个非常细心的老师!至今时也有差不多8年左右钩织经验。从前把它当一般爱好,满足自己,万万没想道也得到朋友的青睐,售卖成品和开班教学作品被肯定也化为动力,开始学历创作,仿钩等等..也因作品受大众喜欢,曾被两家报馆记者采访和被登刊在报章等. 她总希望可以把所有编织技巧都传授给大家!绝对适合从零开始的你!😎 这个课程将获得材料包!!😍 一套能完成 驴子 Eeyore Tsum Tsum Bee *毛线 *棉花 和 玻璃棉 . *工具: 双头钩针3/0 & 4/0 缝合针,大头针,记号扣 *配件: 眼睛,毛绒线,毛绒球.*打印彩色文字图解 想要购买其他3个Winnie The Pooh 家族材料包请”点击我“    课程分类 / Class breakdown: 开始介绍/Introduction . 分享不同种类的日規,蕾絲鉤針和毛線-  Queenie 老师将向您分享識別日規和蕾絲鉤針的知识,还有各類不同毛線 . 需要的工具和材料所需/Tools & Materials Needed (驴子 Eeyore Tsum Tsum所需要的道具) . 這環節教導的針法…

  • Admin bar avatar Teacher Queenie
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  • 45 Students
RM450.00 RM185.00
Sale Brush Lettering Online Workshop RM280.00 RM135.00
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Brush Lettering Online Workshop

January 3, 2019 / 2 Comments

Master your Brush Lettering skill with our artisan Jecelyn.  Artist Jecelyn will help you build a foundation of skills for working with everything from A -Z with Brush Lettering fundamental , detailed guide to writing techniques!

RM280.00 RM135.00
Jecelyn Chong
Sale HandMade Soap Cold & Melt OnlineWorkshop RM290.00 RM140.00
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HandMade Soap Cold & Melt OnlineWorkshop

January 3, 2019 / 1 Comment

In this natural handmade soap making course, you’ll learn two different methods of soap making. One of which is melt and pour and the other is the cold process. you’ll learn about the various ingredients and materials being used

RM290.00 RM140.00
Chen Mei Lee
Sale Copper Plate Online Workshop RM280.00 RM120.00
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Copper Plate Online Workshop

January 1, 2019 / 1 Comment

Master your Copperplate calligraphy skill with our artisan Jecelyn. Artisan Jecelyn will help you build a foundation of skills for working with everything from A -Z with Copper Plate , detailed guide to writing techniques! Discover essential techniques for Copper plate , and create a fantastic masterpiece !

RM280.00 RM120.00
Jecelyn Chong
Sale HandSewing Totoro Online Workshop (手工缝制龙猫网络课程) RM260.00 RM140.00
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HandSewing Totoro Online Workshop (手工缝制龙猫网络课程)

October 21, 2018 / No Comments

制作一个手工缝制龙猫娃娃其实一点也不难,只要掌握了技巧就可以缝制出好看又可爱的手工玩偶啦~这些娃娃不只可爱还很实惠哦!我们的艺术家Yu En 将教导你简单的缝纫技术,让你可以以简单又有趣的方式去制作可爱的手工龙猫娃娃!(这个课程将会以中文来解说)(This Class will be Conducted in Chinese )/ Life will be so much fun when you learn how to make doll yourself ~ that are adorable and affordable! Pattern designer and author Yu En will shows you simple sewing techniques that make sewing a cute totoro will be…

  • Admin bar avatar Teacher Yu En
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  • 13 Students
RM260.00 RM140.00
Yu En