Galaxy Dreamy Landscape in Watercolor - Learn to paint northern lights in few different ways

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This dreamy landscapes module is suitable for beginners who is looking to kickstart their experience with watercolour. It is definitely relaxing and easy to begin for people with no experience with watercolour. By the end of the class, you should be able to start painting and practicing as part of your weekly relaxation activity. 

Class breakdown:

  1. Introduction to materials and tools for the session
  2. Basic Watercolour Techniques – ( Wet on Dry & Wet on Wet)
  3. Colour values -How to create colour values and why it’s important to practice colour values for painting
  4. Basic trees, bushes and hills in silhouette form
  5. Gather real photos of night skies in galaxies for inspo
  6. How to paint using photo as reference or inspiration
  7. Wrap up and practice

Course Content

Total learning: 7 lessons Time: 55 minutes


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Joee Cheong

Joee is an artist in Malaysia which conduct creative workshops, take on creative projects, create visuals, paint and design prints. She live in Kuala Lumpur and love to travel. She was once afraid to dream but taken a step of faith to pursue what seemed impossible, and that is how byjoeecheong was created. She love what she doing and enjoy the creative process; it is exciting and it gives never ending possibilities.


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    Candice Lim

    Awesome Workshop !

    A great course. It was easy to follow yet full of detailed examples of technique, brushes, paper and other materials you would need. It has inspired me to start painting.
RM290.00 RM145.00