Floral Embroidery Hoop Art: Using The Back stitch & Stem Stitch & French Knot & More!

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Course Description

Embroidery is a traditional art but nowadays with modern stitches, you can see them everywhere from home decor to wearable accessories! You should learn how to embroider since hand embroidery is a slow art; the process is relaxing yet therapeutic. Even research mentioned that, embroidery helps to reduce stress! Hope more people can be introduced to this beautiful slow art, hand embroidery./
(This Class will be Conducted in English,Subtitle included)

Embroidery Extra Material Design & Kits , Can be Purchase (Click Me)

Our Workshop Included Material Box (Starter kits include a piece of fabric, 2 needles, thread and  a 4 inch hoop ! )




课程分类 / Class breakdown:

  1.  Introduction for Embroidery
  2. Materials – ( Fabric , How many Types of hoops , Thread floss & Needles)
  3. Transferring your design – ways on how to transfer the design onto the fabric before stitching
  4. Preparing to stitch – how to mount the fabric on the hoop and thread the needle
  5. Back Stitch – Stem & Woven Wheel Rose Stitch  – Rose 
  6. Fly Stitch Leaf (Closed) – Leaves
  7. French Knots – Flower buds/ fillers
  8. Finishing & Backing the hoop- alternative ways on backing the hoop
  9. Bonus Sharing Section

Course Content

Total learning: 9 lessons Time: 50 minutes


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Emborly Sherly

Hi, I’m Sherly Chin, a self-taught embroidery artist. I have been doing embroidery been more than 2 years , I’m going to teach you how to embroider your own 4 inch floral bouquet hoop art. I’ll be going into steps by steps, so this online workshop is totally suitable for zero experience or beginners!


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    Good Class for training our patient.

    Very easy to understand , and I loved this class and will be re watching again. !
RM290.00 RM150.00