Cold & Melt Soap Making: How To Make Your Own Organic Handmade Soap

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Course Description

Our teacher, Mei Li, will also mention some helpful tips and tricks along the way! Making your own soaps has so many benefits; both for you and the environment. By making your own soap, you are able to completely customise it to your own needs. For example, sensitive skin, eczema or even oily skin. No more having to worry about bad reactions when using commercial soap. Additionally, you save up a lot more when you make your own soap because each batch typically makes a lot of soap bars! When you make your own soaps, you contribute to reducing waste. The lack of packaging and absence of harsh (and sometimes, harmful) chemicals will in turn help preserve the environment immensely. (This Class will be Conducted in English)

Class breakdown:

  1. Introduction-  In this natural handmade soap making course, you’ll learn two different methods of soap making.
  2. Equipment & Ingredients /Chemistry behind soap making  – you’ll learn about the various ingredients and materials being used.
  3. Preparation Process  – Our teacher, Mei Li, will also mention some helpful tips and tricks along the way!
  4. Soap Making Steps– Step & Formula Of Making the soap
  5.  Cutting, Unmoulding & Storage  –  Cutting the Soap Out and Unmoulding it
  6. Bonus Feature ( Melting Soap Introduction)
  7. Bonus Feature (Melting Soap Process) 

Course Content

Total learning: 7 lessons Time: 55 minutes


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Handmade Soap Artisan

Mei Li is a professional soap maker and has been making her own soaps since 2014. What inspired her to take up this profession was due to her sensitive skin. Her best friend had informed her about the benefits of making your own soap and so she gave it a try. To her surprise, her own formulas helped tremendously with her skin type! When asked if more people should take up soap making, she said, “Of course!”. Apart from being able to customise the soap to your own personal needs, it is also extremely environmentally friendly. Less waste is produced from packaging and even the natural ingredients used allows it to be easily dissolved into the soil and water; with no harm being caused to the ecosystem. Furthermore, Mei Li believes her biggest achievement in her career so far has been helping people learn more about soap making. From knowledge regarding the natural soap ingredients to the soap making process itself. In the future, she hopes to open up her very own “DIY” space in order to help those who lack the space and materials needed to make their own soaps. She truly believes in giving back to others and spreading the advantages of making your own soap. Her passion has inspired many through the various offline workshops she has carried out before as well.


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    Tay Min

    Fantastic course!

    As someone who has been using natural handmade soap for a few months now, I decided to give this course a try. And I must say, it didn’t disappoint! I love the explanations on the ingredients and materials being used. It helped me to have a better understanding on what I’m actually doing. I can finally save up now by making my own soaps instead of buying them from the store. I highly recommend checking out this course!
RM290.00 RM140.00

Cold Soap process